Read the Printed Word! A cup of coffee, a book, and a geek.

A cup of coffee, a book, and a geek.


Hi. I'm AR.
I spend a great deal of my time reading and eating... not always at the same time. Reality is great, but I'd rather live in the world of fiction. I believe in the concepts of inception and karma. My interests would include food, music, literature, travel, psychology and philosophy. Sometimes I'm too random for my own good. I will talk to anybody about anything. My current fascination- psychopaths. I used to always add "Lasallian" in my self-descriptions. Now, I am more comfortable with describing myself as a Ravenclaw instead. I am constantly looking for people I can make music with. So if you can play an instrument and would like to jam and drink some coffee and eat chips or something, let's talk. I am a backpacker. I like roadtrips, and discovering a new place, and meeting people. This year, I'm gonna sky dive... and it will be AWESOME.

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  1. teatimewithemma:

There are little secrets here … (by Luiz L.)


    There are little secrets here … (by Luiz L.)

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Read. Travel. Become.


    Read. Travel. Become.

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  3. meisterede:

    one of the many reasons why i love istanbul:

    try a blind date with a book!
    have you ever judged a book with its cover?
    now you dont have to!
    the only judgements come from the few descripive words.

    a great way to try something outside your usual range or reading!
    remember: this is to try new things! good luck!

    note: if you already have the book, you can return it….

    This seems like a perfect plan for next next weekend, Haha

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  4. "I wish the whole world would embrace what it hates. Find what you’re afraid of most and go live there."

    - Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters (via bookmania)

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  5. Please. For Valentine’s Day. Someone? Anyone?

    Please. For Valentine’s Day. Someone? Anyone?

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  7. peculiarities:

    shut the fuck up and leap into my arms.

    Oh my… :”>

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  9. #Nergasm


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  11. The rotten milk principle.

    The rotten milk principle.

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